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Mobile Multimedia Application Authoring Tool
Let's become a successful author of mobile interactive applications with JM-Mobile!

JM-Mobile Editor is a WYSIWYG mobile interactive content authoring tool:

NO programming knowledge required, the graphical user-friendly design interfaces allows to easily and quickly create the mobile interactive contents and applications.

From Authoring to Distribution solutions, everybody could become the author, developer of mobile interactive contents/applications and then distribute them over the Internet.

Platform independent, the JM-Mobile mobile projects created one time and then can be exported to various mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Java-enable mobile-phones (Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, etc.), etc.

XML data separating the live data from the project structure allows creating the independent data flows that are easily modified or updated, or even using the existing the independent data flows that are provided by the third parties.

Hyperlinks between the mobile interactive contents allow to establish the mobile interactive content networks on which the users can navigate among the interactive contents as like as the HTML Web navigation (try the hyperlink project sample).


The typical mobile interactive applications that can be created by using JM-Mobile solutions:

  • Mobile e_learning (m_learning), Mobile daily info, Mobile mothly/daily magazine, etc.
  • Mobile guide: Mobile manual, Mobile catalog, Mobile Electronic Program Guide (EPG), etc.
Dynamic menu Contact list 2 Contact list 2 Real state catalogue Real state catalogue 2 Scalar vector m_learning
Nokia cell-phone collection catalogue Nokia cell-phone collection catalogue 2 Hugo automobile tutorial and guide CNN Podcast Mobile content search Contact list

These mobile interactive application samples are enclosed within the JM-Mobile Editor. Many other mobile multimedia interactive content and application samples can be found within the JM-Mobile Editor.

The mobile interactive applications generated by using JM-Mobile Editor can be put on the web server to distribute through internet, or can be put on the JM-Mobile BLUETOOTH Server to distribute directly to the mobile phones through Bluetooth wireless networking in an approximate location.

blog icon The JM-Mobile Editor Blog will help you getting started and learning more about JM-Mobile Editor.

JM-Mobile Player icon Android JM-Mobile Player is now available on the Google Play store.

english training media icon English Training Media is our new Android daily English training application built on top of the JM-Mobile Platform.


new icon New JM-Mobile Editor v1.3.45 is available to download. (16/09/2013)

new icon The Android JM-Mobile Browser v1.00.4 is available to download. (31/01/2013)

new icon Discover the new JM Packaged document (jmk) with the new JM-Mobile Editor (v.1.3.42 or higher) and the new Android JM-Mobile Browser (version 1.00.3 or higher). (05/01/2013)

From the version v1.3.35 JM-Mobile Editor supports the Android Application (APK) generating.

Convert the java mobile applications generated by JM-Mobile Editor, .jar files, to .cod files for the BlackBerry phones


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