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We will try to often post the tips on this page to help you to exploit all powers of jm-mobile. We recommend you often visit this site to learn more about the capacities of jm-mobile.

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How to Create an Image Animation

Some Java-enable cell-phones don't support the GIF animation format. The JM-Mobile provides the structures allowing to create the image animations that can run on all java-enable cell-phones.

JM-Mobile Image Animation Project Sample & Exported Midlet

How to Create a Menu System

JM-Mobile Menu System Project Sample & Exported Midlet

How to Create a ComboBox

JM-Mobile ComboBox sample & Exported Midlet

Image Using

The J2ME standard specifies the PNG image format being the image standard format of J2ME system, if you want your project running on as many as possible mobile-phone, let use only the PNG image format.

Font Setting

The text font used for editing on the JM-Mobile Editor can be very different from the font on the real cell-phones. Please use the menu Edit->Mobile Font Setting... to set the most appropriate text font for the target real cell-phones

Multi Selecting

The JM-Mobile Editor supports the multi selection by: press, drag and release the mouse over the region containing all elements that we want to select; or CTRL + Click to select the next element


"Scene" provides the ways to structure your project in different parts which will be presented exclusively. Avoid creating the big scenes which contain many rich media such as images. The big scenes will make a long time to initial, in addition maybe these scenes couldn't be loaded on the weak cell-phone systems.


The authoring tool include many project samples. We recommend you to begin by seeing these samples. The samples can be easily reached from the menu File->Reopen of the authoring tool.



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