Jade Multimedia for Mobile
Jade Multimedia for Mobile - Performance Hints


Performance Hints

System Requirements


  • Intel Pentium 1GHz or higher
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 256 MB recommended of free available system RAM

Usage recommended

  • We strongly recommend saving regularly your project
  • Avoid opening many applications simultaneously with JM-Mobile Editor

Design recommended

  • The text font used for editing on the JM-Mobile Editor can be very different from the font on the real cell-phones. Please use "Mobile Font Setting" to choose the most appropriate text font for the real cell-phones. 
  • Don't use too many rich media such as image, audio and video for your project. If you decide to use a rich media, let select a media with the smallest size possible.
  • Pay close attention when using audio and video media in your projects, many cell-phones now can't play the audio and video or play very bad these type media. So if you want to create a portable project that can playback on all cell-phones supporting java, be careful to use the video and audio in your project.
  • "Scene" provides the ways to structure your project in different parts that will be presented exclusively. Avoid creating the big scenes which contain many rich media such as images. The big scenes will make the time to initial them to be long, in addition these scenes maybe couldn't be loaded on the weak cell-phone systems.


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